An Access to Care Initiative

Our Program

Our commitment to professional ethics ensures a respect for class time, and individualized care for each child. Our program prides itself in delivering quality care. The School Dentist provides the following for each child:

The School Dentist accepts all dental insurance plans, including Medicaid, and also offers a reduced fee for families with no insurance. Grant money is also available for those who do not have sufficient resources.

We can transform any space into a portable office. A space about half the size of a classroom with an electrical outlet is all that is needed. Common sites within the school would include a classroom, a corner of the library, a conference room, or media room.

Sterilized and disposable supplies are used for each child. The children's records are brought from previous visits in order to monitor changes in their dental health.

Parents receive a written report of their child's visit along with recommendations, if needed, for restorative dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery or hospital dentistry. The patient can obtain additional care with the dentist of their choice.