An Access to Care Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to the school?

No, there is no cost to the school.

Who pays for the service?

The School Dentist bills commercial insurance companies, Medicaid, MiChild, and Healthy Kids Dental. We accept private pay for the cleanings, screenings and fluoride treatment.

What about those who cannot afford the visit?

The School Dentist has established the non-profit "School Dentist Smile Foundation" scholarship program for children in need. To be considered for the program, a parent or guardian must fill out a scholarship application demonstrating need.

How is The School Dentist different from other portable preventative dental providers?

We are a “family dentist” for your school.

How often does The School Dentist visit a school?

The American Dental Association recommends that children see a dentist two times per year. Most schools schedule two visits per year. However, due to the summer break, some schools are scheduled only once before returning to a biannual schedule.

What if a student needs restorative dentistry?

If follow-up or restorative dental work is needed, we believe the children are best served by a local dentist. As a former health department dentist, Dr. Melanie has found there are many obstacles to providing quality restorative dentistry in a portable environment. We strive to provide dentistry to those children who would otherwise not see a dentist. By referring back to the local dentists, we hope to work in collaboration with the school, parents, and the community, who all want the best for each student.

How do I know if this would be useful for my school?

It is surprising how many families sign up for this valuable and convenient service. All you need to do is pass out the registration forms and let the response demonstrate the need.